Sunday, March 6, 2011

Den table and chairs...

Recently, I "made over" this table and chairs for our den.  We have a dining room we use to eat dinner in everyday, but I purchased this table to use when we have larger gatherings and need extra eating spaces.  Of course I forgot to take pictures of them before I started painting.  ooops...I promise they were pretty dang bad though. 

The previous owner had painted the table green and it was very dirty.  I completely sanded it down and repainted the legs.  I left the top natural but I did cover it with several coats of satin poly.  The chairs were pretty rough when I found them.  I sanded them smooth and then dry brushed them the same color I used to paint the table legs. I lightly hand sanded to finish.

We are getting ready to add crown molding to our den.  Hopefully, it will be done soon so I can post pictures of all our progress.  :)    
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