Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hallway beadboard...

This is how out entryway/hallway looked when we purchased our home. Very dark, and in my opinion, not very inviting.

We decided to install bead board paneling all throughout the hallway.  We are thinking we might take it all the way up the stairs as well.  Home Depot cut them to the exact height we needed and we even had them cut some of the widths as well.  If I remember correctly, we had the the bead board cut to 60" tall and the base boards add another 2" to the overall height.  I absolutely love tall bead board and this came out exactly how I was hoping! Now I am dying to do an entire wall of the stuff in our kitchen!! ;)

We got these light fixtures at Lowe's and installed them ourselves.   This was easier than I thought it would be! We just made sure all electricity was shut off to the wires and tested them with an electrical tester.

Our doorbell was very old, shiny gold sparkle.  So, I painted it the same color as the wall and replaced the old fabric with some cream color cotton I already had.

We still need to paint the ceiling but otherwise we are super pleased with our new hallway.  And it's so gratifying knowing we did all the work ourselves!

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  1. Hi. Just stumbled on your're doing a great job:) Love the hallway re-do. I am thinking of putting beadboard up in my kitchen and I'm not sure what to use. Did you use pine or MDF? Also, does it hang over your baseboard? It truly looks amazing!! Thanks,Molly

  2. Hey Molly!

    Thanks for the kind words! We used the pine and love it! It paints up so well and was super easy to install. I would recommend it to anyone. We built up our baseboard so the panels wouldn't hang over. Once we caulked, everything looked seamless. Good luck! :)

  3. How did you build up your baseboard? Layering another piece of trim? I added your blog to my blog list, but when you click on it I got the below error message with your feedburner.

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  4. so much character! you guys sure have been busy. i feel like a complete slug reading about all of the things you've accomplished!


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