Thursday, September 9, 2010

Historic Home, Historic Charm: Ploger-Moneymaker Home, Lebanon, MO....

While home visiting my parents, I had the opportunity to view a beautiful home listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  The house was originally built for Milan W. Serl by a contractor named Walters in 1870. Walters reportedly named the house "Aambler".  The Plogers moved in about 1903, renting the house until they could purchase it in 1910.

The Lebanon Historical Society hosted an ice cream social with a tour of the Ploger-Moneymaker Place. For years this home has set empty and no tours were allowed to the public. Story goes when the daughter of Mr Ploger died, she stated no tours were to be given and the house remain in it's original, untouched state.  But as funds for upkeep and repair begin to dwindle, the city has decided to now allow tours in the best interest of the property.  They are hosted annually and this year they presented the first floor only. Next year, they hope to have the second floor open. It is such a treasure that places like this still exist. I think as Americans we need to take more pride in preserving our architectural history and heritage. 

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