Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Just Wing'd it...

The post title says it all-I reupholstered a wing back chair- by just winging it! Never have I ever reupholstered anything more difficult than a dining chair cushion. But I didn't want to spend money on hiring an upholsterer to recover 2 chairs. Plus, I have tons of DIY spirit I need to constantly channel into something.  

This is what I started with...2 of these lovely chairs.  The bones were in great shape-they just needed some new fabric and a little TLC.

I started out watching a couple of YouTube videos which were mildly helpful, and then I just went for it. I mean, I couldn't mess up that old green fabric.  If it failed, it still would have looked better than it started out looking!

First, I removed all the fabric piece by piece, very carefully, so I could use it as a pattern of sorts for my new fabric.  This was the most grueling part.  I stabbed myself with my screwdriver and cut my hands on the staples a million times.  Wearing gloves would have been smart. ;) 

Just look at all those evil staples!! 

I took pictures of how the fabric was stapled on in case I needed a reminder later on.  It helps to also jot down what order you remove each piece.  Then when you reupholster, just start with the last piece you took off.  I basically learned as I went along.  

I have to mention, I have a pneumatic staple gun and an air compressor.  I don't think I could have tackled this project without one.

I decided to paint the legs.  I used regular latex paint and finished them with a dark brown paste wax.  I like them so much better! 

(We are working on installing new base boards in here.  Please ignore them in their unpainted, unfinished state.)

It was such a simple project-once I got all the old fabric off.  Although not perfect, it exceeded my expectations by far. I still want to add some more jute trim along the front, but I need to order more.  I got it at MJ Trim.  Now, I just have to get motivated to finish the second one...I am still having nightmares about those staples! ;) 

I also want some pretty pale yellow pillows to go in each chair but, I haven't found one I am in love with yet.  Any suggestions?? :)

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Armoire Makeover with Antique Ceiling Tin...

I rescued this antique armoire from my parents storage building.  They originally bought this piece shortly after they got married and had plans to restore it.  Unfortunately, in the process, it fell over and the original mirror and top section broke. It set unused for 30 or more years until I snapped it up!  This is what is looked like when I brought it home (all except the ceramic knob...I was trying knobs out).

I wasn't sure at first what I wanted for the center where the mirror was.  I pondered several options and at one point thought I might just leave it.  I like rustic, but after starring at it for awhile, I decided it was a little too rustic.  I love the detail in the carvings!

I eventually chose to use antique ceiling tin in place of a mirror.  Here is what it looks like now...

(please ignore the curtain rod and curtains.  They need to be raised up and hemmed.)

The centered measured 17" wide by 40" long.  I found this antique tin piece on Ebay. It measured 24" wide by 40" long and knew I would have to cut it to fit.   When looking for tin I had to find a pattern that would not look strange after I cut it.  Some vintage tin is very intricate and would not work for my project.  I paid around $30.00 (including s&h) for this piece.


I cut equal amounts off each side using tin snips.  When handling tin and using tin snips make sure to wear thick work gloves and safety glasses.  The the edges of the tin and the tin snips are sharp! I laid down a drop cloth to protect my floors.  This was such a messy job!   

 After I slide in the cut tin, I reattached the top piece. 

The original paint on the tin was a peachy orange color and didn't quite go with my color scheme. ;)  So, I painted it a pale blue color.  After the blue paint dried I painted the raised areas with creamy white paint to bring out the design.  

And finally, I added some dark wax to age it and seal the paint.  The wax makes the paint extra durable.





This was such a simple project that really made a ton of difference to the look of this piece.  I liked it before but I  adore it now!

I am still undecided on whether or not to paint the armoire.  I am liking it now, but I am constantly changing my mind so who knows...I'll keep you posted. :)

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Cuckoo For Cuckoo Clock's...

Lately, I have been inspired to hang a cuckoo clock in my home.  So, when I saw Country Living's article about Lesley M.M. Blume's book, "Let's Bring Back", featured a cuckoo clock as one of the items that should make a comeback, I knew I need to find one ASAP. 

While visiting my parents, I came across this old cuckoo clock they had been storing for several years.  Jackpot!

I loved everything about it, except its color. But, nothing a little paint couldn't cure!

I painted the first coat using Benjamin Moore's edgecomb gray, and had planned on leaving it all that color.  It ended up looking a little drab and blended in with my wall too much.  

So, to brighten it up, I used Benjamin Moore's wedgewood gray as a top coat and left the center part painted the edgecomb gray. Then to age it, I brushed on some dark brown wax.  Much better! 

I love having this clock so much that I would be thrilled to find another one.  I like the larger all wood clocks but I am kinda thinking I need a tiny clock to hang above this one.   

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