Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dining Room Makeover-Part Two: Walls...

Okay I'm a day late posting this but I wanted to get one final coat of paint on the beadboard before I posted pics.

Here is the before once again.

The previous owners had stained the center beam and surrounding trim a shade of orange, that didn't match anything.  We primed it using an oil base primer so the stain wouldn't bleed through the white paint.  The primer also allowed us to use a latex paint over an oil based stain.  


I found some antique corbels at a flea market and knew immediately I wanted to use them on our beam.  I left them in the original state.  I love their rustic look.  I wish I knew where they had been used before.  

After we hung the beadboard in the hallway, I knew I wanted to continue it into the dining room and kitchen. But this time we needed to replace baseboards.  I love the look of chunky baseboards.  In fact, we have already replaced the baseboards in our den and used 1x6's (that's another post ;).  We loved how that turned out and decided to go that route.  

Sorry for the horrible night time picture!

We added a 1x4 to the top and then added smaller trim to both the top and the base boards.  Twice Remembered Cottage gives a great tutorial on installing beadboard this way.  It was such a great help to us!

 We still have so much to do.  The crown molding needs to be replaced badly.  We plan on getting some antique chairs for the table and I am going to build a hutch for the buffet.  I probably will make some new curtains for the window as well and of course we need something on the walls. I am having a hard time putting holes in my new walls until I am absolutely certain where and what I want as art.  Is anyone else that way? 

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  1. It looks really nice. Love the colors!

  2. So pretty! What an amazing tranformation! I am working on my own dining room and was wondering what color you used on the upper walls - yours looks so serene and inviting, which is the look I am attemtping to get :).

  3. Thank you! The color I used on the upper portion of the wall is "Comfort Gray" by Sherwin Williams. :)

  4. What a gorgeous dining room! I think you chose the perfect shade of gray/blue for the walls. It looks so pretty next to the white beadboard.
    The furniture in the room is so lovely too. The table has killer legs!


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