Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pining for Lilacs...

The weather has been so wonderful here for the last few days.  As a result, I have been pining for my lilac bushes to start blooming.  I know it will be a while, but I adore the smell of lilacs.  Fresh lilacs have the most amazing fragrance and always remind me of spring! Plus, they are lovely to look at.  Last year was hard on our lilac bushes and they were very sparse.  Hopefully, they will comeback nice and full this year! In the meantime, I have will put the pining on hold and instead start pinning...on Pinterest.  Honestly, what did we all do before Pinterest?!

Here are a few of my faves...

Source: on Pinterest

Source: on Pinterest

Source: on Pinterest

Source:  on Pinterest

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  1. I love the pics of the lilacs they are gorgeous!! I miss having a lilac tree. Pinterest has so many beautiful pics of ideas to look at and do. Thanks for sharing your pics. Have a beautiful and creative day >>> Chickie

  2. I also love the pics, I use to have lilac trees, miss them and the wonderful smell! Your newest linky follower, I will return to check out more from your blog. Hope to see you visit and linky follow back!

    1. Thanks for visiting and following! I will most certainly check out your blog! :)


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